Saswatha Nitya Annadanam and Saswatha Puja Pathakams are run by the temple. Donors can donate Rs. 1,116/- or above for the above schemes. All donations should be sent infavour of Executive Officer, Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam, Tirumalagiri, Krishna.Dt. A.P., through D.D’s or Cheques

Saswatha Nitya Annadanam

The Temple maintains Nitya Annadanam scheme by providing Annaprasadam to 100 people daily and 350 to 400 people every Saturday and Auspicious days.

Donations for Nityannadanam

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Branch: Chillakallu

The Donors are Categorized as

  • MAHARAJA POSHAKA:- On payment of Rs.1,00,000/- and above one can be recognized as “Maharaja Poshaka” and can be provided with Puja Darasanam and Annaprasadam. Annadanam is provided to one devotee daily on the donor’s name.
  • RAJA POSHAKA:- On payment of Rs.75,000/- one can be recognized as “Raja Poshaka” and can be provided with Puja Darasanam and Annadanam Puja. On the donor’s name on one Saturday Annadanam is provided for 200 people.
  • POSHAKA:– On payment of Rs.50,000/- the donor can be provided with Annadanam, Puja Darsanam on the required day. On the donor’s name on one day Annadanam is provided for 150 people once in a year.
  • DONOR:- On payment of Rs.1,116/- and above below Rs.50,000/- one can be recognized as “Donor” and can be allowed to take part in the worship and for Free Darsanam and annadanam for one day every year.

Donors will get advance intimation about the performance of Anna Prasadam. The name of the Donor will be written on the board outside the “Anna Prasadam” building. The Donor can take part in the worship and “Anna Prasadam” in person. If the donor is not able to come “Anna Prasadam” will be arranged on his “Name” and “Gothram”. The amounts donated by the Devotees would be deposited in the Fixed Deposits in Nationalized Banks and interest accrued there on would be utilised for providing Anna Prasadam.

Donations may please be sent in the shape of D.D. or Cheque or M.O. or by Cash in favour of the Executive officer,

Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Saswatha Nitya Annadana Padakam, Tirumalagiri, through any Nationalized Bank along with the following particulars:

  • Name and Address of the Donor:
  • Father’s Name:
  • Donor’s Gothram:
  • Name of Nominee of the Donor:
  • The English Date /Telugu Thidhi of Anna Prasadam to be performed:
  • Amount paid Rs:
  • M.O. / Bank Name/ Cheque / D.D.No:
  • Cell No:
  • Email Id:

For Online Transfer

Axis Bank A/c No : 919010058980071
IFSC Code : UTIB0000585
Saswatha Puja Pathakams:

The Devasthanam authorities are seeking donations from Philanthropic public. The devotees can contribute any amount Rs.558/- for the Saswatha Astothara Nama Puja and Rs.1116/- Saswatha Sahasra Nama Puja would be performed in the name of the Donor once in a year.