Sri Venkateswara Swamy Devastanam at Tirumalagiri Mythological Significance of the place

The mythological story of the temple at Tirumalagiri is ver interesting. It is a believed that there is an Ashromam (Gattu) in the form a hill named after Bharadwaja on the other side of the river Krishna at Mukhtyala Village in Jaggaiahpeta Mandal. This is, in fact, located in Madipadu in Guntur District.

Once upon a time Rishi Bharadwaja performed an austere penance seeking to see Lord Sreemannarayana as he thought that He is the Omnipotent, and the Omniscient and he can fulfil the aspirations of human beings. Having pleased at his penace the Lord appeared on the hill of Tirumalagiri in the shape of “Anthill” with 12 namams. It is a splendid manifestation.

Later Rishi Bharadwaja felt very much happy and brought water from the Krishna and performed “Abhishekam” and pooja since then the recitation of “Bharadwaja Gothrams” has been going on along with daily worships. The Kalyana Mahostvam is being celebrated every year during Chaitra Suddha Paurname. Devotees visit the temple in large numbers from various parts of the state and take part in the celebrations.

There in “Koneru” in the form of the foot of the Lord and it in indeed thrilling to look at and influences the devotees. Another beliefs in that an anjaneya Swamulu in guarding the Lord Venkateswara round the hill and its rules of the area in Malleswara Swamy. In the premises of the temple of the temple of the Swamy in also “Varaaha Swamy”. The temple in kept open every day from the sunrise to the sunset. After the sunset no devotee ventures to climb up the hill to have the darshan of the Lord. This is a brief stores of the Almighty here and the devotees wonder at it when they hear it.